Roobet Crash Game – review, gameplay and strategy

Roobet Crash is a crash casino gambling game unique to online crypto casino It’s not among the most visually appealing crash games, to say the least, but on the other hand, once you’ve tried Roobet Crash, you’ll surely enjoy it and may find it challenging to get as excited about other crash gambling games.

It is unique, with a spaceship that flies higher and higher while releasing hot plasma from its tail. The spaceship doesn’t actually crash, it explodes in midair. Once it reaches about the 20x multiplier, it will almost start going vertical. At the 70x point, the multiplier increases very quickly.

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Roobet Crash’s theoretical return to player (RTP) is 96.50%. This RTP is a bit lower than some other crash games and puts this variant in the group of fun games, as opposed to the one you want to play with the maximum prospects of profit and positive returns on your bets, but it is still a number, which is OK and better than playing several other casino games like video slots.

Game Mechanics/Theme – How does Roobet Crash work?

In case you’re new to crash games, the game mechanics are always pretty simple. An airplane or some other object, in Roobet’s case a spaceship, is launched, and then it begins to climb higher and higher. The win multiplier increases with it. At some point the object will collapse and the game will be over. All players who have withdrawn their bets before the crash will win, while those who have not withdrawn in time will lose.

The multipliers in some rounds can get quite high, 20x or more. During testing by the ProfessionalRakeback team, it felt that Roobet Crash was more capable than other games of providing several good multipliers in a row. Usually the other games have a very low multiplier at least once every three rounds. Roobet doesn’t – it’s quite possible to have multiple multipliers over 2x or 3x in a row.

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The fun part of the game is that you see other players playing along with you. It’s fun to recognize the risks other players are willing to take, note when they’ve reached the draw point, and see how much money they’ve won or lost. There is also a ranking of the highest earners this week and of all time. So we learn that DopeWolfX won almost $110,000 on a $5,000 bet sometime in August 2022, and one person won $2,193 on a $0.25 bet a month later. Obviously, some people make the choice of low bet and insanely high odds. Arguably, this doesn’t sound like a bad strategy at all, but I think we all know that wins like this are rare.

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Graphics quality, artwork, animations

Roobet Crash isn’t stunning to look at, but it works. While other crash games pay attention to not being too in your face, Roobet Crash has no such concerns. Because that spaceship is right in front of your face.

And once you’re addicted, you can’t get enough of it.

The multiplier display is huge, so there’s no chance you’ll miss it. The gradual increase in the steepness of the climb, as well as the gradual increase in speed, are set just right. The X-axis shows flight time – a rare sight in crash games – while the Y-axis also shows win multiplier levels.

Below the game screen is a list of the last 15 or so fields. You cannot scroll this list historically to show more than 15, so you will have to remember older flights if 15 is not enough.

If you have placed a bet, you will see not only the multiplier, but also the actual cash value of your assets during the flight. As other players withdraw, they will leave a trail of BTC or ETH tokens – and you will soon realize that most players are withdrawing very early on very small bets. And then there will be players who repeatedly bet $500 in crypto or more and have the guts to target multipliers higher than 2.00x.

Aesthetics, user experience

It’s just an action-packed game. Many players take off every 5 seconds after the previous flight and try to cash out at the exact right moment. Most importantly, Roobet Crash looks like a winning game. The game offers enough hope for a really high win ratio to keep the immersion and adrenaline levels high.

The betting console is easy to use but has powerful features. If you prefer to bet manually, it’s easy. Select your bet amount and click Bet. For your convenience, you can also bet 1/2 or 2x your previous bet. Be careful with the Max button.

The Autobet console is something else. You can set automatic withdrawal, set the number of consecutive bets, withdraw at % win, withdraw at % loss, stop on win and stop on loss. It’s very, very handy and an invaluable tool for a crash game. You will miss this when you go to play another crash game at another casino.

Value of suspense and anticipation

Roobet Crash grabs you and never lets you go. There’s only 5 seconds between rounds and then you’re off again with the cartoon spaceship carrying your bets. Analysis of the results of the last round will always show at least one big multiplier, so you will have high hopes every time. It’s a great game.

RTP, house edge and volatility

Roobet Crash has an RTP of 96.50%, which is decent enough without being impressive. Crash is a game where your decisions will make you money or lose you money, so it doesn’t really matter if the game is set to pay a little higher or lower in the long run. More important is how the game feels.

Some crash games often have a round where the plane doesn’t even take off but crashes at 1.00. The Roobet Crash algorithm does not seem to use this tactic. Crashes at around 1.10 are just as common as other games, but Roobet always seems to give you a chance to win.


Roobet Crash seems to like giving out really big win multipliers often enough that chasing them seems like a viable strategy. It’s just a matter of how high you want to go and your risk aversion levels. Some players will decide they want to withdraw around 5.00, others will choose 10.00, while some will want to turn their small bets into 1000x and play several hundred Autobet rounds.

Of course, there is the usual strategy of trying to cash out below 1.50x and keep getting those small wins to increase your balance. This may sound like a good strategy, but in most crash games it will be a losing one because you are knowingly giving up the bigger wins.

Playing the game manually is the most fun way to play, but it can also become quite tedious, especially if your internet connection is not good. You may lose due to WiFi connection quality error. This is one of the reasons why it is always recommended to use the Autobet console. This way your bet is already programmed and will follow the rules even if you are interrupted.

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