Meet GGPoker’s new ambassador: Influencer True Geordie

GGPoker recently signed a new poker ambassador, controversial influencer True Jordi. We look at the brand ambassadors and their history in poker.

The world of online poker is full of competition not only between players but also between different poker rooms. GGPoker is cementing its position as one of the top dogs, even ahead of PokerStars, which for years was considered the top poker brand in the world. As such, it should come as no surprise that GGPoker have signed Briand “True Geordie” Davies, an influencer formerly associated with PokerStars, to their team.

True Geordie, a popular poker YouTuber and celebrity podcast interviewer, will now act as the face of the brand’s online poker room, whether online or live. This partnership promises more media coverage and an increased social media presence for GGPoker, which only benefits their journey to the top.

GGPoker announced that part of the deal is that players from the UK and Ireland will be able to participate in a weekly freeroll event on Thursdays. Davis will participate in these tournaments and players can win a $1,000 prize pool and claim the bounty on Davis’ head. Davis will also have a meet and greet for his fans at the WSOP Circuit in London, where he will be wearing the GGPoker patch for the first time.

Davies’ influence and controversies

Davies initially partnered with PokerStars in 2020, but after two years the brand terminated the contract due to Islamophobic slurs made by Davies against Andrew Tate. However, Davis has since apologized, saying that he “Never for a second, even though someone would take offense at something so stupid.” In terms of the word stupid, Davis said he meant the statement he made, although he admitted it was in bad taste, was something he thought was so ridiculous it could never be true.

GGPoker is getting bigger

As GGPoker grows its media presence and customer base, it has always been bold in using the best possible resources, even if those resources have partnered with other poker brands before. GGPoker has never shied away from collaborating with controversial figures, so it’s no surprise that they often manage to recruit ambassadors from other poker rooms.

The Story of GGPoker Ambassadors

Below we list GGPoker ambassadors who have previously represented other poker rooms.

How to play the best poker

If you want to try out GGPoker and play with its new ambassador, then is a good option for finding exclusive monthly poker deals. Apart from the excellent rake competitions and chases to participate in, you can now play online and live poker games with True Geordie at GGPoker.

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