Freaky Fortnight – gambling entertainment from early July 2023


There is never a dull moment in the world of gambling. There will always be something to entertain fans of poker, casino games, sports betting and more. That’s why we’re bringing you these Freaky Fortnight articles – so you can experience the fun for yourself.

You can view previous stories in this series by visiting ProfessionalRakeback’s Freaky Fortnight section. Still, if you want the latest in the fun world of gambling, read on as we bring you weird and funny gaming stories from first half of July 2023!

This part of Freaky Fortnight contains unusual gambling news from the first half of July 2023.

Keep an eye on the cops in Vegas!

Police car

Imagine spending your time in a Vegas casino playing your favorite games. Maybe you even indulge in a few rounds of poker with friends. The evening is calm. There is a relaxed atmosphere that everyone feels. Then suddenly a naked man appears who has just attacked a disabled person elsewhere!

The story sounds like something out of a sitcom, but it happened in Sin City on Sunday, July 9. The man, Brian Danylczyk, 35, of Long Island, may have had the idea of ​​playing strip poker when he went on his late-night scam. Still, stripping wasn’t the first part of his night. Things got off to a much more heated start.

Around 11:20 p.m., it became known that Danilchik was present in Bird Bar at the Flamingo Hotel on The Strip. Cops were called to the scene to reports of a fight breaking out in which Bryan was allegedly involved. Sources believe he punched a one-legged man and then fled the scene before authorities arrived.

According to the police report, CCTV footage shows the man removing his clothes at the LINQ Hotel. He then chose to run completely naked to Harrah’s Hotel & Casino, with video footage clearly showing his escape. Danilczyk can be seen climbing up one of the establishment’s poker tables and feathering himself as he spins and lays it all out for guests. It all sounds a lot like the man who took his pants off at the 2019 WSOP Main Event – ​​but on a much more extreme level.

Security personnel soon stormed the casino, at that moment Danilchik lays down on the table and spreads his legs. Both patrons and casino employees look on – some clearly amused by the incident, others very visibly horrified. He then stands up and grabs some of the poker cards before security grabs him and pulls him down. A scuffle ensues before the three guards tackle him to the ground. He is then taken away.

Originally from Long Island, Brian Danylczyk exposed himself indecently at Harrah's Las VegasBrian Danilczyk, The Naked Terror of Las Vegas

Cops charged Danilczyk with disorderly conduct, battery and five counts of indecent exposure. However, the offender has no memory of his Sunday night adventures in Vegas. Authorities explained that his mental state was “altered,” but he remained cooperative after his arrest. Brian’s wife went on to claim that someone spiked his drink with a hallucinogenic substance, which is the explanation for his strange behavior.

Brian Danilczyk is due back in court on August 17.

Brawl in Las Vegas as four women harass poker players

A card for a woman

Apparently something was in the air in Vegas this weekend because at least four scantily clad women were involved in a wild brawl at the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel & Casino the evening of July 9. Of course, these days the first thing to do when something out of the ordinary happens is to grab your camera phone and start shooting. Various viewers chose to do so, with videos showing the fight midway through.

At that moment, two women—one in denim shorts, the other in a two-piece dress and bare thong— are seen thrashing on the floor near a set of poker tables.

At the time, a poker tournament was being held at the luxury hotel and casino. As the two women fought on the floor, a third was seen coming from the left and a fourth from behind. A man injects himself into the scene, trying to stop the woman in the back from swooping in and taking her own licks. Unfortunately, as he turned his attention to the two women fighting on the floor, the same woman he was trying to stop lunged at the third woman coming from his left.

Instead of giving this woman a decent punch, she instead attacks the woman in the two piece dress who struggles to get away. The man manages to overpower the woman in jean shorts and her boyfriend, pushing them away from the other two and pinning them against a nearby wall. Still, it looks like the woman in the two-piece dress — who already looks like she’s wearing just a little top and thong — isn’t finished. She approaches once more, holding a flip flop with which he tries to hit one of the women.

She is also subdued by the man who supports her as the others watch. Just when you thought it was over, the scene cuts to the next part of the fight, where the thong woman fights the woman who originally came from behind. Except now, the latter of the two is sitting on a motorized scooter. The lady in the jean shorts has grabbed the hair of the aggressor, trying to pull her away from the lady on the motorized scooter who is falling from her ‘vehicle’.

At this point, a male security guard drags the girl in slings to the floor and lies on top of her to stop her assault. Just then he handcuffs her. The Las Vegas Metro Police Department said no arrests were made, although at least one citation was issued.

It just goes to show that even in the most luxurious places, people can get wild and mean. Let’s hope the poker tournament wasn’t interrupted too much by the brawl for everyone!

Popular Streamer Loses $100,000+ Opening CS:GO Crates

Shipping crate

Loot crates have long been a questionable addition to video games for many. Many people and even some countries see them as a form of gambling. Still, that doesn’t stop some gaming fans from getting into it. This even resulted in some gamers streaming when opening these crates.

Popular streamer “ohnePixel” is one such person who announced that he will be opening $130,000 worth of crates in CS:GO. This is something he set out to do in a live stream, entertaining a huge number of people in the process. In the stream, “ohnePixel” is having a big problem. Although he received a generous donation that included $100,000 worth of CS: GO items, his luck instantly went south. Viewers could only watch the live broadcast in horror and disappointment at what had happened.

During a previous stream, another player with the username “Server Controller” sent “ohnePixel” €118,346 (almost $130,000) worth of unopened goodies. Included within this offer were many coveted items such as the EMS Katowice 2014 Legends Sticker Case.

Naturally, “ohnePixel” was extremely shocked but also delighted when he received the gift. He also noted that “Server Controller” won a whopping $3 million from CS:GO gambling. “ohnePixel” then announced that they would be opening the tills during a live stream

CSGO Streamer 'ohnePixel' frequently opens loot chests onlineGerman streamer ‘ohnePixel’ unwraps his Onstream gift trade

There was great excitement generated by the stream, which was even advertised in Times Square. Unfortunately, while the streamer was hoping to unlock rare and valuable game skins, luck was not on his side. Instead, the items he ended up receiving fell short of the expected value—by more than $100,000! By the time the stream was nearing its end, ohnePixel had only a small amount of values ​​to display.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. “ohnePixel” had an average of 85,498 viewers watching his stream and a peak of 232,224, making it a pretty special event for those who tuned in. At the same time, he gained a lot of new followers with the stream, which saw an increase of 74,162. So, even though he lost a huge amount of money, he was essentially freerolling because he hadn’t paid for the loot boxes to begin with, and the support of the gaming community will probably give him some consolation.

Daniel Craig “sucks” at poker!

A gun

Everyone knows Daniel Craig as the latest incarnation of the English spy James Bond. He has portrayed the character in five installments of the franchise, including “Casino Royale,” “Quantum of Solace,” and “Skyfall.” Although the films often show Bond in the thick of the action, they also often see him entering bars, hotels, casinos, etc. When he’s relaxing, he usually orders a martini (shaken, not stirred) and it’s not uncommon for the character to spend time at the gaming tables.

In Casino Royale, Craig plays against Mads Mikkelsen, who reincarnates as Le Chiffre, a banker who serves many of the world’s criminals and terrorists. He is a mathematical genius and skilled chess player and uses his skills from this game to play poker in the film. One of the biggest parts of the plot is that Bond is sent to defeat Le Chiffre in a high-stakes poker game in the titular Casino Royale.

The film was released in 2006 to rave reviews, but it was only recently that Daniel Craig was revealed to be ‘unpleasant’ at the game of poker. This is claimed by Mikkelsen himself, who said the following during an interview with “GQ” about his most iconic roles:

I’ve played a lot of poker since I was a kid, so the game wasn’t new to me. The hands we play are crazy, so if you’re a poker player you’re going to be like, “What?” We just wanted to make the nature of the betting believable, but the hands obviously had to be easily recognizable to a non-poker audience, so they were pretty crazy hands. But, yes, everyone knew how to actually play poker around that table, except for one: Daniel. He had no idea. He was sucking. And it was the worst thing that he, of all people, had to beat me and win all my money. It was like, “This is wrong.”

It’s lucky Daniel Craig doesn’t have to play poker in real life if he’s so bad at it. No wonder he wasn’t invited to compete in Ben Affleck’s PokerStars charity event during the COVID-19 outbreak. No doubt it was going to crash and burn!

Daniel Craig won many accolades for his portrayal of the secret agent James BondMaybe Mr. Craig should stick to Baccarat

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