Freaky Fortnight – A look at some of the funniest gambling stories from the end of April


We managed to make our way through April with some fun stories related to the world of gambling. These amusing stories continued into the later part of the month. So, following the Freaky Fortnight manipulations from early April, why not have some more fun funny adventures that happened in the gambling scene from the second half of April 2023?

This installment of Freaky Fortnight contains freaky gambling news from April 15 to 30, 2023.

The Simpsons try sports betting

Sports equipment

Most of us probably wouldn’t turn to an animated series for gambling pranks or escapades. Still, if you’re a fan of The Simpsons, you may have witnessed a thoroughly enjoyable episode recently. It’s no secret that sports betting is becoming much more popular in the United States. It is only expected to continue to increase, given that more states now have legal sports betting options than ever before.

During the latest episode of The Simpsons, sports betting was put squarely in the spotlight in the first few minutes of the episode. The plot sees Homer watching an American football game. He is waiting for points to be scored in the match, although it looks like his hopes will be in vain.

At that very moment, he looks at his tablet, on which he has been browsing the Internet. The page he opened was the fictitious sports betting site “”.

The markets you can bet on at this sportsbook are deliberately absurd. The Simpsons apparently pokes fun at sports betting the way only The Simpsons can. The fictional sports betting website’s markets include odds for:

  • Blimp Hits Stadium
  • Ref. Kisses QB
  • The eight-year-old Streaker
  • Thanos appears
  • No shocks
  • A coin falls on the edge
  • Armageddon is coming
  • The math is inconsistent
  • You win each of these

After the episode aired, The Simpsons Twitter page posted a screenshot of the tablet being held by Homer:

Screenshot of sports betting for a recent episode of The Simpsons

It asked people which long shot they would bet on. Of course, The Simpsons aims to provide entertainment for its viewers. Some of this carefree enjoyment may be what many of us need these days!

Bearded man wins over $5,000…in women’s poker tournament

Two people are arguing

As if there wasn’t enough outrage in the US and the world at large right now. Now there is outrage in the poker world after a man with a huge beard entered a women’s poker tournament in Florida. He not only participated in it, he won it!

David Hughes of Deltona, Florida, chose to enter the $250 buy-in tournament on April 29. Competing in the Ladies’ No-Limit Hold’em event at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Poker Showdown Series in Hollywood, Florida, he walked away with the $5,555 jackpot, leaving the other 82 entrants reeling.

All of this is made possible by the state’s anti-discrimination laws. Despite the fact that he is probably a man and for all intents and purposes looks like a man, state law does not allow him to be excluded from such tournaments. The same is true in states like Nevada, where a man can directly enter women’s tournaments. Some races offer a 90% discount for women to discourage men from trying to enter them.

The incident sparked a heated debate online about the 70-year-old’s participation in the women’s tournament. Many of the ladies competing in the same poker tournament took to social media to voice their displeasure not only for his decision to enter, but for being allowed to do so.

One professional poker player, Ebony Kenny, wasn’t about to hold back her opinion of Hughes. She took to Twitter to say:

I’m playing the @WPT women’s tournament today and Dave is the only man here… While we appreciate the dead money, I really wish the men would get what these events mean.

Her views were echoed by various other poker pros, with Charlie Carell stating that he “scoffs” at the idea of ​​anyone being able to identify as a woman and be allowed in.

Today, more women are interested and active in the world of poker than ever before. Still, this isn’t the first time a man has competed in the women’s poker scene and won. Former World Series of Poker (WSOP) champion Abraham Korotky did the same at the Borgata in 2009, and he also won the event, much to the dismay of the other participants.

Bill Perkins and the Bluff of the Month – He Wasn’t Even There!


What’s better than making the biggest poker bluff while in the middle of the game? Making the biggest poker bluff when you’re not even at the table to see it, that’s what!

That’s exactly what Bill Perkins was able to do when playing against a selection of poker’s elite. The live stream of the game came from Texas-based The Lodge Card Club. The funny thing about this is that Perkins didn’t even know he won the six-figure pot until about an hour later.

Hedge fund manager Bill Perkins is a noted poker player and gamblerBill Perkins

Bill explained on Twitter that a friend of his was at comedian Tiffany Haddish’s crucifixion in Phoenix and he wanted to show up to support them. So he left the poker game a few hours before it was over.

Doug Polk is one of the owners of The Lodge, and there were several famous players sitting at the table for the round that included Perkins. The $100/$200/$400 No-Limit Hold’em featured not only Polk himself, but also Dan Smith and Xuan Liu, who all won six-figure pots. As it happens, both Perkins and Polk were part of a previous edition of Freaky Fortnight, released in March. It underscored Perkins’ bet against fellow poker player Sean Deeb’s slimming down — something he had done before with Polk.

After about three hours of playing, Perkins realized he had to leave. He took one last look at his looming hand K♠ Jbefore raising the pot to $3,000.

Alex then called the big blind, holding A♠ 5. Handz, who is a regular at Hustler Casino Live, then three-bet to $17,000 with his hand of 10 10♣ from suffering. Perkins then called and Alex decided to back off.

The flop came out as 6♣ 3♠ 2. Handz liked that score, so he bet $20,000 as a result. Even though he hit the flop, Perkins picked a minimum raise, then called. When it was 9♣ that came on the turn, both players chose to check. It was only when 6 it was seen on the river that things had improved.

Handz took the value route, using his overshift to bet $40,000 and leave $134,000 behind. Perkins moved all in before standing up and leaving his chair, heading for the exit. He noted that his wife would be very angry with him if he missed the plane and, of course, their friend’s debut performance in Phoenix.

His cards remained in front of his stack, face down. Handz then had to make a tough decision, facing Perkins’ all-in bet. Not only that, his opponent was no longer at the table and a pot of $331,600 was on the line. Handz stepped down for a short period of time to consider his next move. In the end, he opted to fold, worried that his opponent had hit a three on the river. Yet, as it turned out, he was bluffed by a non-existent player via a live stream – possibly the first time that had ever happened.

Until the game stream aired about an hour later, Perkins had no idea he had secured the $331K+ pot. He chose to watch things unfold, appearing on Lodge’s YouTube channel chat to find out. That’s quite a score from one game when you’re not at the table to witness the finish!

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