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Earnbet Crash is a crash game that is exclusive to the Earnbet.io decentralized casino. This positions the Earnbet crypto casino and its own crash version as the first and only decentralized crash game, making it unique among all the casino games you will find on other gambling sites.

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When you play crash at Earn Bet, you will obviously be placing bets in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Every single bet on the Earnbet casino dapp is placed on the WAX ​​blockchain in real time. Each bet is therefore provably fair and registered via a smart contract on the Earnbet platform. In comparison, even any player who wants to crash at Bustabit and try their hand at gambling on the first crash game ever made there will have access to a hash of its results so that each result can be verified. The difference here is that Earnbet Crash is played directly on the blockchain, while Bustabit crash is not.

Not that you will see a direct benefit from this particular version when playing crash, but it is a new direction of online gambling and is very important for the further development of honest online gambling. Experienced players well versed in making crypto transactions with blockchain casinos will be well aware of the benefits of decentralization.

Game Mechanics/Theme – How does Earnbet Crash work?

As we have seen, Earnbet Crash is certainly different from most casino games and it is also different from most other crash gambling games as it is played directly on the blockchain and is therefore provably fair. Other crash games are also provably fair, but in the case of Earnbet Crash, this also represents an important step as the casino itself is decentralized.

But how exactly does this casino game work?

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Like any other crashing game, Earnbet’s version has a rising object that climbs up to the point where the game crashes. The multiplier starts at the same time as the line increases. But there’s nothing fancy when you start betting like a rocket or a plane or a dragon going up here, it’s a straight line.

Players make a bet before each round with the crypto value they want to use as a bet and then try to prevent the line from collapsing by paying out on time.

You might think that all this is not much fun, but it has been proven time and time again that gamblers like the simplicity of this type of game. It can be exciting, especially when larger stake values ​​are at stake, and this level of betting can generate some pretty intense excitement.

Graphics quality, artwork, animations

Earnbet Crash is heavily focused on the core engine that makes this game run on the WAX ​​blockchain. This can serve as a good excuse for the lack of any graphics, and token holders betting on the game get a pretty basic experience.

Just like other line-based crash games, Earnbet Crash has a visual representation of the growing line and the growing multiplier, but that’s pretty much it when it comes to visuals. To new users, the game almost feels like an unfinished product, at least until you make a bet and see it actually do something.

Aesthetics, user experience

Since Earnbet Crash can’t be played in demo mode and you can’t just watch the game being played by other players until you’re ready to play too, it’s a bit of a leap of faith to put in the effort to make your first bet in an attempt to you take advantage of the lower house advantage that you will enjoy in all bust gambling options.

However, once you’re in and on your way to some hopeful big wins, you’ll enjoy the game just like any other crash game – unless you’re a graphics nut. If you need graphics then this game is not for you. In Earnbet Crash, it’s all about the line and the multiplier – those are the only things you’ll see.

The Autobet console and additional options such as betting with your BET tokens and jackpot betting add to the excitement. This is especially true of the jackpot, as it can get quite large and it’s worth looking for it every now and then. Someone has to win it.

Value of suspense and anticipation

Earnbet Crash does nothing for punters to increase the tension and anticipation beyond the usual thrill that comes from watching the multiplier rise and hoping it still doesn’t crash. When it crashes, it’s just a point and you’re left to make another bet in search of profits.

RTP, house edge and volatility

Little is known about Earnbet Crash’s RTP as it is not publicly disclosed by the creator.

What is clear, however, is that you can get a reduction in the house edge if you are one of Earnbet’s BET token holders. These tokens can reduce the house edge by up to 0.5% and how they work is explained in detail on the BET tokens page on the earnbet site. You can either win the tokens depending on your total bets at the rate of 1 BET Token for every 0.00625 BTC staked, or you can buy them on the exchange.

Screenshot of the BET token rewards page on Earnbet.io

With the tokens in your account, you can play the crash game or other crypto casino games like craps, blackjack, baccarat or HiLo.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that Earnbet Crash is a 100% fair game with no edge if it is provably fair and played directly on the blockchain. Despite the blockchain technology used, it is still a game that makes money for the casino that created it, just like any other online casino, it’s just that the game itself exists in a decentralized space.

Betting Options and Profit Strategies

Earnbet Crash has several options that you may need to consider before you start playing the game.

First of all, the additional options that this game offers are the Jackpot bet and the ability to reduce the house edge by betting with BET tokens. The latter is probably a good way to go, although it won’t matter much in a short play session. The jackpot bet is good if you get a free.

Other than that, approach this game the way you would any demolition game. Try to get a big win ratio as this game rewards players who have the courage to stay in the game longer. Just like any other game, Earnbet Crash earns most of its money from players who try to reduce their winnings a little in each round of the game by choosing a very low multiplier to draw at.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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